import os
import folium
import numpy as np
import random

# Generate base data
data = (np.random.normal(size=(100, 2)) * np.array([[1, 1]]) +
                np.array([[48, 5]]))
# Generate the data to segment by (levels of another pandas column in practical usage)
categories = ['category{}'.format(i+1) for i in range(5)]
category_column = [random.choice(categories) for i in range(len(data))]

Create markers, and add tags to each marker. There can be multiple tags per marker, but in this example we add just one.

Then, create the TagFilterButton object and let it know which tags you want to filter on.

from folium.plugins import TagFilterButton

# Create map and add the data with additional parameter tags as the segmentation
m = folium.Map([48., 5.], zoom_start=7)
for i, latlng in enumerate(data):
    category = category_column[i]


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